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On Friday 7th August 2009, Honda launched its compact multi-utility vehicle (MUV), specifically catering to the exciting lifestyle and needs of urban families in Singapore

10 Aug 2009 | Local News : Singapore

The new Freed adopts Honda's innovative low-floor, low centre of gravity technology. With this new car, Honda sets new standards in the compact class, creating outstanding space, performance and usability.


The Honda Freed's uniform design seamlessly fuses a sharp triangle shape with a voluminous square box, creating its unique and distinctive styling and maximizing space. Its compact body size is one of the many reasons why the Honda Freed will become a great success in Singapore. It makes navigating in narrow streets and tight multi-storey car parks a breeze.


Inside, the generous space comfortably seats seven adults with a convenient 2-2-3 arrangement. While the 2740mm wheelbase and Honda's ingenious flat floor design ensures ample legroom even with a full car. The two-layer console puts all the controls at the driver's fingertips. Its wrap-around design keeps everything within the driver's eye line to make driving safer for everyone. For example - the multi information display shows instantaneous fuel economy, continuously. At the flick of a switch, it can display accumulated distance, trip distance, average fuel consumption as well as the estimated cruising range before the next petrol top up.


Honda's new and powerful 118ps (87kW) 1.5L i-VTEC engine power delivers powerful performance. Its ample 144Nm of torque (at 4,800rpm) allows strong, smooth acceleration on both flat and hilly terrain. Coupled with a newly developed 5-speed automatic transmission, the Honda Freed is a satisfying drive both in the city and on the highways. At the same time its advanced i-VTEC design enhances its fuel economy at both high and low speeds. It gives you the kind of performance you want as well as everything you need to enjoy sporty driving.


The Honda Freed is designed with Honda's advanced crash safety technology, GCON. This system reduces the impact of collisions through highly efficient energy absorption areas of the car, shielding the cabin from collision force. However there are several systems in place to prevent a collision from ever occurring. The Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) helps you overcome potentially dangerous situations such as wet roads and emergency braking, which restore traction and stability. This works in conjunction with the Brake Assist (BA) to help you stop quickly, smoothly and safely.

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