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Kah Motor has introduced the all new Honda Jazz, now available for pre-launch booking, with viewings available at Kah Motor Alexandra and Ubi.

07 Jan 2021 | Local News : Singapore

Kah Motor has announced that the all new Honda Jazz is available for pre-launch bookings. The new fourth generation Jazz brings the first-ever e: HEV hybrid powertrain, an effortless driving experience and refreshing ride comfort to the world's iconic hatchback. Known for its fuel efficiency, the new Jazz is available in three variants - 1.5 Base, 1.5 Home and 1.5 Luxe e: HEV.

"The time has come for us to announce the all new 2021 Honda Jazz. Under our new three model lineup, we will be introducing the first e: HEV Hybrid 1.5L in Singapore, the Home 1.5L and the Base 1.5L. I am happy to announce that the e: HEV model will now enjoy a $15,000 rebate under the Enhanced VES scheme announced on 12 November 2020," said Nicholas Wong, General Manager at Kah Motor Co. Bhd. Sdn.

The fourth generation Honda Jazz sports a new and minimalistic design, but still retains a spacious interior and comfortable ride
For the first time, the 1.5-litre Jazz e: HEV will be sold alongside the 1.5-litre petrol engine. The 1.5L DOHC i-VTEC four-cylinder engine in Base and Home trims produce 119bhp and 145Nm of torque, while the Luxe e: HEV 1.5 i-MMD has two electric motors connected to a 1.5L DOHC i-VTEC petrol engine and a lithium-ion battery, with a combined system output of 124bhp and 253Nm of torque.

Carrying Honda's new e: HEV badge, the e: HEV system is newly developed for the Jazz and engineered to deliver enjoyment to the driving experience.

It comprises two energy-dense electric motors, a 1.5-litre i-VTEC petrol engine, a lithium-ion battery and an innovative fixed-gear transmission, which all work harmoniously together to deliver the best ratio of fuel economy to acceleration in its class.

The advanced e: HEV hybrid setup seamlessly selects from three interchangeable drive modes. In EV Drive, the lithium-ion battery supplies power to the electric propulsion motor directly. In Hybrid Drive, the engine supplies power to the electric generator motor, which in turn supplies it to the electric propulsion motor. In Engine Drive, the petrol engine is connected directly to the wheels via a lockup clutch and drive force is transmitted directly from the engine to the wheels.

A digital gauge display with 7.0-inch LCD screen shows the driver all the information about the car
In most urban driving situations, optimum efficiency is achieved through seamless transitions between EV Drive and Hybrid Drive. In Hybrid Drive, excess power from the petrol engine can also be diverted to recharge the battery via the generator motor. EV Drive is also engaged when the car is decelerating, harvesting energy through regenerative braking to recharge the battery.

For driving at highway speeds, Engine Drive is used, supplemented by an on-demand peak power 'boost' from the electric propulsion motor for fast acceleration.

The Jazz hybrid is also equipped with a newly-developed Electronically Controlled Continuously Variable Transmission. The result is a smooth and reassuring transfer of torque with a linear feel during acceleration across all drive modes.

The new Jazz features a new design from the ground up, with smooth contours following the short nose, long roofline and cabin-forward style of previous generations. The A-pillar thickness has been more than halved from 116mm to 55mm with the pillar behind now providing the main structural strength.This, along with the hidden windscreen wipers, provides the driver and front-seat passenger with an unobstructed, expansive field of vision. The sweeping A-pillars and a sleek door-mirror design also minimise noise and drag caused by wind turbulence and increase aerodynamic efficiency.

The infotainment system has a 9.0-inch touchscreen display, and comes standard with Android Auto and Apple Carplay compatibility
To introduce the car's pleasing utility, durable materials and contemporary, soft-touch dashboard materials are applied throughout the cabin. The Jazz also retains the exceptionally versatile rear ULTRA Seat configuration that offers both fold-flat or flip-up seat flexibility. 

The all-new Jazz offers the most compelling infotainment package in its segment. The 9.0-inch touchscreen display is navigated using familiar smartphone-style usability, with swipe controls to scroll through pages and lists. It is supplemented by smartphone mirroring, enabled by Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, with the latter available via a wireless connection.

Honda has enhanced the new Jazz's chassis, suspension and body rigidity for exceptional agility and best-in-class ride comfort. The ratio of higher tensile strength steel has risen by 80% for the new Jazz, helping to reduce weight and improve safety performance in the event of a crash. 

The adoption of a new aluminium die-cast rear damper mount structure improves the driving experience. Further suspension improvements, such as new spring material and reduced friction-bush design, plus the rear torsion beam suspension layout, also support the outstanding ride comfort and driving enjoyment.

The Jazz comes with Honda Sensing, which includes features like Lane Keeping Assist and Adaptive Cruise Control
Honda's all-encompassing approach to NVH management ensures minimal cabin intrusion of engine, road and wind noise. The cabin and floor panel are separated to reduce resonance through the car's structure, and sound insulation has been added around the dashboard. Noise from the engine has also been reduced through the use of resin material to the engine mount to insulate the engine bay.

The new Jazz incorporates a suite of active and passive safety technologies designed to make driving both easier and safer. Enhanced Honda Sensing active safety technology in the hybrid model offers a broad range of driver assistance features and driver aids as standard, thanks to a newly developed front wide-view camera that enhances the field of vision and night-time operation, increasing safety in more situations.

The enhanced Honda Sensing includes Collision Mitigation Braking System with improved night-time operation to also detect pedestrians when there is no street lighting. Additionally, the system now applies the brakes if the Jazz cuts across or turns into the path of an oncoming vehicle.

Adaptive Cruise Control manages the gap to the car in front automatically, while the Lane Keeping Assist System operates from 72km/h and above for increased safety. Along with Road Departure Mitigation System, it assists the driver to not stray from the road. 

Those interested can preview the Honda Jazz Home at Kah Motor's Alexandra showroom, while those looking for the Jazz Luxe e: HEV should head to the Kah Motor's showroom at Ubi.

Car Model Price as of press time (inclusive of COE)
Honda Jazz 1.5 Base (A) $95,999
Honda Jazz 1.5 Home (A) $98,999
Honda Jazz 1.5 Luxe e: HEV (A) $100,999

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