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With COVID-19, Audi had to find new ways for employees to work together, and Audi Spaces allows employees to come together in a 3D world of learning and work.

22 Jan 2021 | International News : Germany

During the COVID-19 pandemic, everyone is talking about the home office. With 'Audi spaces', Audi has developed and introduced a virtual 3D world for learning and work. Audi employees can use this digital tool from their computers in hugely varied ways, as a tool for learning and training, as a means of coaching and consulting, and for digital collaboration and communication.

Whether Skype, Microsoft Teams or other digital tools, virtual services now are more vital than ever, in order to stay in touch during the pandemic. However, it is often the case that this happens at the expense of social interaction - meetings can easily seem impersonal, and participants' levels of concentration decline over time.

The interactive 3D worlds in Audi Spaces are copies of real working environments
With Audi spaces, the Audi Akademie is now launching new software that takes this very issue as its starting point and offers a solution. The interactive 3D worlds in Audi Spaces are copies of the real working environment, creating many possibilities for media and social interaction.

The participants communicate, learn and work with others via their own avatar - in real time and in a virtual space. The avatars in Audi spaces are not mere 'empty vessels', they can make gestures, interact, and talk to one another as in the real world.

Audi spaces is suitable for many applications, as it can be used for diverse groups independently of the topic. Participants describe it as more relaxed and less tiring than video conferences when they can make arrangements to meet colleagues in a space and interact together.

In this way, Audi spaces can contribute to reinforcing the feeling of community - even for cooperation in an international context, the tool is available for all employees worldwide. Audi spaces thus opens up new opportunities for training Audi employees, it enables not only meetings, but also conceptually and methodically planned training courses from the Audi Akademie.

Audi Spaces allows employees to learn in a safe space, such as simulating errors without any danger to their health or safety
With the continually growing functional scope of the tool, learning and training scenarios, workshops, coaching sessions, and also consultations can be carried out in a way close to reality.

Complex processes and work situations that can otherwise only be represented with much effort, or can only be practiced with potential threats to safety at work, can be trained in Audi spaces as often as desired, while saving costs and resources.

For example, with Audi Spaces Audi employees have the opportunity to learn, virtually and as often as they please, the decommissioning of e-vehicles in a self-teaching scenario. In doing so they can even simulate errors without any danger to their health occurring. More than 4,000 Audi employees are already using Audi spaces in approximately 200 events per month

For the purpose of exploiting the potential of Audi spaces to the full, the Audi Akademie offers employees, in cooperation with their Audi IT, a comprehensive support and advice plan, and various qualification modules. These explain not only the functions of Audi spaces, but also prepare consultants and trainers in didactic methods to develop conceptually advanced measures using the tool.

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