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A bespoke coachbuilt company from the UAE, Huber has done many a custom build for clients. Now, it pays homage to an icon, the Lamborghini Aventador.

24 Jan 2021 | International News : United Arab Emirates

Huber is a bespoke coach builder based in the United Arab Emirates with an international audience of super car owners who seek excellence and world class quality when it comes to refining their vehicles.

Titled 'Era' to mark ten years of the Lamborghini Aventador, and to pay homage to the end of its production, the team have focused on creating a new kind of aero package that pays homage to the original Aventador DNA. The Huber Era aspires to usher in a new way that automotive design thinks about the aftermarket.

Huber will be honouring the end of the production of the Lamborghini Aventador with a facelift of this Italian supercar. Spearheaded by founder Sean-Peter Huber and a team of passionate designers who share a common vision and journey that goes back to their days as students of automotive design.

The unique design endeavour by the Dubai-based company replaces the front and rear bumpers with an entirely new design in carbon fibre, and an optional carbon fibre bonnet for customers and distributors worldwide. Additionally, the parts will be available in exposed carbon fibre in various hues.

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