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Peugeot has unveiled a new brand identity, spearheaded by a new logo that will make its first appearance on the upcoming 308.

27 Feb 2021 | International News : France

Peugeot has revealed a new brand identity as part of its continued move upmarket.

The new brand identity is being spearheaded by a new logo, similar to that which featured on the e-Legend concept car that was unveiled at the Paris Motor Show in 2018.

Peugeot's new logo houses the recognisable lion within a shield akin to a traditional coat of arms
The new logo comprises of a lion's head housed within a shield, in a manner similar to a traditional coat of arms. As with the recent logo redesigns from BMW and Volkswagen, Peugeot's new logo is now a flat, two-dimensional design, described as being modern and light, and catered for the digital age and for easy use across a wide variety of media.

Peugeot Design Director Matthias Hossaan describes the new design as having been chosen because the shield was not only an internationally and multiculturally recognisable icon, but also because it offered a light footprint, ideal for a new, digital age. As always, the lion continues to represent the power, strength, and confidence of the firm.

The new brand identity and logo is described as following the recent move of Peugeot's products upmarket. As such, the firm is now committed to helping its customers transform their time spent with it into quality time.

The new logo will be rolled out across the brand's flagship stores by the end of this year
To this end, Peugeot will begin to roll out its new and first brand campaign in 10 years, starting from March 2021.

Titled The Lions of our Time, the new campaign will celebrate those that treasure their own quality time above even money or power - the new Lions of our Time. Accompanying this new brand campaign will be a new emphasis on offering a quality purchasing experience via Peugeot's online portals, as well as onboard its vehicles, and in its dealerships.

The Peugeot brand is also planning to launch a new lifestyle collection, that offers products ranging from clothing to leather goods, as well as fashion accessories, electronic accessories, tableware, and stationery, all designed with a special emphasis on offering simple design while still staying attractive and of high-quality.

Linda Jackson, CEO of Peugeot, also announced that the Peugeot brand is planning for an 80% electrification of its European sales by the end of 2021, and for complete electrification of European sales to be accomplished by 2025. The new logo will also make its first appearance on the upcoming Peugeot 308.

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