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With cooperation between Nissan's European and Japanese engineering teams, the Ariya's performance continues to be tuned to provide balance and refinement.

06 Apr 2021 | International News : France

Nissan presents details of the meticulous vehicle testing programme behind the Nissan Ariya. The car offers unparalleled levels of performance, comfort and control, and is designed to optimise the driving experience on roads worldwide.

Tested extensively by a team of veteran engineering experts at Nissan's proving ground in Hokkaido, Japan, each element from acceleration performance and sharp handling to overall quietness and ride comfort has been carefully reviewed and refined.

The Nissan Ariya being put through its paces at Nissan's testing grounds in Hokkaido
The rigorous development regime uses a global approach to best meet the needs of drivers from around the world. For example, the winding tarmac at the Hokkaido proving ground is designed to simulate roads commonly found in other regions including Europe.

For further assessment and added customer reassurance, the Ariya is also tested locally to demonstrate the vehicle's performance capabilities in European driving environments such as tight corners, fast motorways and mountain roads.

Nissan's vehicle assessment specialists in Japan and the research and development technicians at Nissan Technical Centre in Cranfield, U.K. work together to share insights and make adaptations suitable for the European region and compliant with regulations.

"Creating the Nissan Ariya has been a highly intricate, but incredibly rewarding journey. As part of this process, we collaborated with our colleagues in Japan, inputting the European customer requirements in the early development stages, and now making the final product validation right here, on European roads," said Ian Shepherd, Project Management Director at Nissan Technical Centre Europe. "Through these insights and our colleagues' detailed testing programme, we're confident that the Ariya will exceed our customers' expectations."

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