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The innovative use of sealing patches instead of plastic plugs allows the Porsche Taycan to be manufactured more efficiently.

15 Apr 2021 | International News : Germany

Porsche AG has developed a new production process for the Taycan at its headquarters in Zuffenhausen, Germany in collaboration with self-adhesive products and system solutions leader Tesa SE.

Using this process, the holes in the car body, which are necessary for corrosion prevention, can now be sealed much more effectively. These holes are required so that all of the body cavities can be accessed in the paint shop. The innovative solution now utilises sealing patches instead of plastic plugs, which are placed by a robot. More than 100 sealing patches are thus placed automatically, quickly and reliably, thereby sealing the holes in the body and optimising efficiency in Porsche production.

The innovative solution relieves considerable strain on employees. By adopting the Tesa patches, Porsche has eliminated a strenuous process step whereby up to 3,600 plugs per shift had to be pushed into the holes.

In addition, the new patches offer logistical advantages and reduce complexity, since one patch size can be used to cover all four hole types. Moreover, with a thickness of just 1mm, the patches barely protrude at all, whereas the plugs extend up to 6mm outwards from the body.

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