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Hyundai has revealed its heritage series Pony, a retro-modern reconstruction of the original mass-produced model on exhibition at Hyundai Motorstudio Busan.

18 Apr 2021 | International News : South Korea

Hyundai has revealed the Heritage Series Pony, a swank retro-modern reconstruction of the original mass-produced Pony model that heralded the dawn of Korea's automotive industry more than 45 years ago. 

Featured at the recently opened Hyundai Motorstudio Busan in South Korea as part of its 'Reflections in Motion' exhibition, from 8 April through 27 June 2021, the Heritage Series Pony combines distinctive legacy design features with modern touches to offer a glimpse of the future.

A speed-gauging instrument panel made of lighted vacuum tubes adds a retro touch to the cabin of the Heritage Series Pony
The Heritage Series Pony's exterior is marked by a matte, shimmering surface of silver throughout.

Notable features include camera-based, fender-mounted exterior mirrors mounted on the windshield, and pixelated round head lights and U-shaped taillights made of LED lights. The lights embody the company's 'Pixel Road Trip' design approach that incorporates pixels and eight-bit graphics also utilised in the IONIQ 5 and the 45 concept car.

The interior boasts a string of chic and modern accoutrements, including doors made of premium materials that exude a classic feel, a modern lighting system, a speed-gauging instrument panel made of lighted vacuum tubes as well as other stylishly retrofitted design elements. 

It also contains future-oriented elements such as the digital touch transmission, while a cradle space for mobile phones and a voice-activated steering wheel conveys a modern sensibility that will catch people by surprise.

In the trunk, a last-mile mobility device, comprising a stainless steel case, is installed, representing Hyundai Motor's human-centred design commitment.

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