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If you're in the market for one, you might have just missed the rare opportunity to see the firm's very best all gathered in one location.

21 Apr 2021 | International News : China

Lamborghini celebrated three premieres at the 2021 Shanghai Auto Show, bringing the passion and racing DNA of the Italian super sports car brand to the fore.

The first to make the trio of premieres was the limited edition Essenza SCV12.

The Essenza SCV12 sports Lamborghini's most powerful naturally aspirated V12
Quick refresher: The Essenza SCV12 is not only limited to just 40 units, but also sports Lamborghini's most powerful naturally aspirated V12, delivering over 819bhp.

This incredible power is handled by its new X-trac sequential six-speed gearbox, designed as a structural element mounted within the chassis, combined with a rear-wheel drive system to ensure higher structural continuity and greater torsional stiffness.

The car also gets a large rear wing, side fins and front splitter are elements, inspired by the Huracan Super Trofeo EVO and GT3 EVO.

Alongside the track-only Essenza SCV12, the Huracan STO, a street-homologated super sports car with the soul and the characteristics of a real racecar, exhilarated audiences at its first appearance in China. Read our report on its unveiling in Singapore here.

The zero to 100km/h sprint is dispatched in just 3.0 seconds with the Huracan STO
With a powerful naturally aspirated V10 engine delivering 631bhp and 565Nm of torque at 6,500rpm, the rear-wheel drive Huracan STO can accelerate from zero to 100km/h in just 3.0 seconds and reach a top speed of 310km/h. Its gear change speed has also been further increased for highly responsive and rapid shift times.

In the exclusive Ad Personam room at the Lamborghini stand meanwhile, the Huracan EVO Fluo Capsule was premiered for the first time in Asia Pacific. Launched in November 2020, the Huracan EVO Fluo Capsule is a daring yet elegant collection of bright and bold colours for the V10 super sports car, realised in a matte paint exterior with complementary interior colour and trim options.

The example that was presented in China was completed in matte Verde Shock (green).

And should you fancy one for yourself, here's a friendly reminder that another four exterior and interior configurations are available, so take your pick from Arancio Livrea (orange), Celeste Fedra (blue), Arancio Dac (orange) and Giallo Clarus (yellow).

Perhaps you'd like yours with this example's 23-inch Shiny Black Taigete and matt Bianco Monocerus finish as well?
A Lamborghini Urus in matt Bianco Monocerus also joined the lineup at the Lamborghini stand, creating a complete portrait of Lamborghini's unparalleled product profiles and its adventurous lifestyle.

The super SUV on display featured optional 23-inch Shiny Black Taigete rims, referencing the marque's sportive spirit and exclusive luxury. Red callipers, available as an option, added another sense of performance to this super sports car in SUV form.

Lamborghini only recently used an Urus to set a 1,000m speed record on ice, achieving a 114km/h average speed from a standing start on the frozen Lake Baikal, while the maximum recorded speed during the record-breaking sprint was an impressive 298km/h.

Should be handy for driving through our flooded roads when the next torrential storm arrives, we reckon.

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