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The new range from the car care brand includes cleaning wipes, a hand sanitiser liquid mix, and a multi-surface sanitiser.

27 Apr 2021 | Local News : Singapore

World-famous car care brand Autoglym is introducing its range of sanitising and combined cleaner-sanitiser products to the Singapore market.

The company will be launching its Multi-Surface Sanitiser, Hand Sanitiser and Sanitiser Cleaning Wipes.

The Autoglym Multi-Surface Sanitiser is safe for use on all washable hard surfaces, both inside and outside a car
Autoglym's Multi-Surface Sanitiser will be offered in two sizes - a portable 500ml spray bottle, or a large five-litre workshop-sized dispenser.

The new Multi-Surface Sanitiser meets European Standards EN1276 approval for use against harmful micro-organisms, killing 99.9% of bacteria. The sanitiser is safe for use on all washable hard surfaces, both inside and outside a car and also in a workshop or customer-facing environment.

The Autoglym Hand Sanitiser meanwhile, is made to a World Health Organisation formula from an 80% alcohol mix, and as an easy to use and apply hand rub.

Available in 100ml containers, Autoglym Hand Sanitiser is ideal for multiple different applications. The containers are great for sales staff and drivers to use as a pocket-sized sanitiser when dealing with or meeting customers.

Autoglym's Multi-Purpose Sanitiser Wipes will leave your car with a distinctive Autoglym scent
And for those who need to sanitise on-the-go, Autoglym has the perfect fleet-friendly solution in the form of its Multi-Purpose Sanitiser Wipes.

The wipes, available in a compact canister of 100, are ideal for fleet operators, where cars are driven frequently by different users, as well as being used by drivers who have to use different vehicles frequently, such as delivery drivers and motor trade employees.

The wipes also have a distinctive Autoglym scent, and are effective against 99.999% of bacteria and pass European Standards EN1276 for destruction of harmful micro-organisms and EN14476 for killing enveloped viruses including the Coronavirus, Flu, SARS and H1N1.

To find out more or to place an order, email Autoglym at or visit the Lazmall store here.

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