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Honda claims this is the most fun-to-drive and technologically advanced Civic Sedan in the model's nearly 50-year history.

29 Apr 2021 | International News : U.S.A

Honda U.S.A has fully revealed the 11th generation Civic sedan.

The all new 2022 Honda Civic boasts a clean, modern design paired with a high-tech, human-centred interior.

A low hood and front fenders, and a low horizontal beltline that grounds the body of the new Civic
Honda stylists and engineers sought to create a car that would be a 'breath of fresh air' in the segment by revisiting timeless design concepts of previous generation Civics.

They focus for this new Civic has thus reverted back to the original Honda design approach of 'Man-Maximum, Machine-Minimum' (M/M), which uses technology and design to serve the needs of the driver and passengers. The styling of the 2022 Civic manifests these timeless design concepts in a fresh and exhilarating new way.

The new Civic thus gets a thin and light body design with a low hood and front fenders, and a low horizontal beltline that grounds the body. The windshield pillars of the car have also been moved rearward by nearly 50mm, visually elongating its hood for a premium silhouette.

Inside, the M/M approach results in a strikingly simple, clean and modern take on classic Civic values. By evoking the uncluttered cabin design of early generations of Civic, the new model's interior features exceptional visibility, intuitive ergonomics, extraordinary passenger volume and driver-focused technology.

A 7.0-inch or 9.0-inch central infotainment colour touchscreen is offered in the cabin, dependent on trim level
The Civic's newfound driving stability is also communicated visually by a wider rear track and stronger rear shoulders. These pair with wide-set LED taillights, and the upswept and aerodynamically efficient trailing edge of its trunk lid.

LED lighting is used extensively for the exterior, including the wide-set head lights, daytime running lights, parking lights, and available fog lights. Honda also states that the new packaging of the interior results in ample head, leg, shoulder and hip room for all passengers in the new Civic.

The pulled-back A-pillars, low hood, flat dashboard and hidden windshield wipers enable a windshield with clearly defined corners for a panoramic view. The outside mirrors also have been positioned away from the windshield pillars to improve visibility.

Further improving visibility is the top of the Civic's instrument panel, which has been designed with minimum cutlines to reduce windshield reflections and visual distractions.

Honda promises outstanding head, leg, shoulder and hip room for all passengers thanks to improved interior packaging
A striking metal honeycomb mesh accent stretches from door to door across the dash. It serves as a visual dividing line between the audio, information displays and the climate controls, while the intricate flow-through design cleverly conceals the air-conditioning vents.

All Civic trims also benefit from a new front seat design that is claimed to firmly hold the body while enhancing comfort on long drives.

U.S.A market Honda Civics will get either a 7.0-inch LCD instrument display or a customisable all-digital 10.2-inch LCD instrument display, depending on trim level. A 7.0-inch or 9.0-inch central infotainment colour touchscreen is also offered, depending on selected trim level.

The new Civic body structure is the most rigid in history, with an 8% improvement in torsional rigidity and 13% improvement in bending rigidity versus the previous generation. The stiffer structure supports improvements in ride, handling and NVH levels.  

The Touring trim Civic gets a customisable all-digital 10.2-inch drivers LCD instrument display
The front MacPherson struts feature new low-friction ball joints and front damper mount bearings to improve steering feel and self-centering, and the spring and damper alignment has been optimised to minimise friction.

In the rear, the track is 12mm wider for enhanced stability, with a new larger compliance bushing with an improved bushing axis to minimise harshness. Additionally, the two rear lower arms are equipped with a new bushing that reduces noise and vibration inside the cabin, while also promoting better straight-line stability and turn in. The electronic power steering has been re-tuned to provide better feedback and improved straight-line stability.

Two four-cylinder engines will be available for the 2022 model: A naturally aspirated 2.0-litre and a turbocharged 1.5-litre.

The 2.0-liter four-cylinder produces 156bhp and 187Nm of torque. The 1.5-litre turbocharged four-cylinder meanwhile, produces 178bhp and 240Nm of torque (according to the SAE International testing standard). Both engines are mated to a continuously variable transmission.

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