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The enhanced programme will further aid Grab delivery-partners on their way to vehicle ownership, and is projected to triple its two-wheel fleet size.

29 Apr 2021 | Local News : Singapore

GrabRentals, Grab's vehicle rental arm, has announced that it will scale up its Motorcycle Ownership Scheme to help Grab delivery-partners pave the road to vehicle ownership.

First piloted in the second half of 2020, the Motorcycle Ownership Scheme allows Grab delivery-partners to lease a motorcycle of choice for a fixed term between one to three years in exchange for complete ownership at the end of the period.

The programme helps those who are keen to own their personal motorcycle for both professional and personal usage, but may not have the ability to service high upfront payments and larger monthly repayment amounts. The enhanced programme will see GrabRentals tripling its two-wheel fleet size for the scheme.

Delivery-partners can choose from a variety of Yamaha motorcycles such as the popular Aerox 155 or Sniper T150. Sportier models including the YZF 155 and MT 155 are also available. More information on the scheme can be obtained from Grab's website here.

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