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The company has carried out a series of innovative programs with the aim of creating an inclusive corporate culture.

10 May 2021 | International News : Italy

Lamborghini reaffirms its commitment to diversity, equality and inclusion during the European diversity month, held every May. The company has implemented a series of innovative programs with the overarching goal of creating an inclusive corporate culture, all of which contribute toward ethical and sustainable practices in the automobile industry.

Gender diversity at Automobili Lamborghini

Lamborghini has encouraged the increase of women employees over the years by hiring highly qualified female professionals, especially those with a background in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Many of these women hold significant leadership roles, heading teams that are traditionally male-dominated. Since 2018, Lamborghini has also guaranteed equal pay between female and male employees with the same qualifications and duties. 

Parental equality: equal attention given to new mothers and fathers

Lamborghini offers an extensive programme of initiatives in recognition of parenthood. On top of existing maternity welfare measures, Lamborghini developed a unique project: 'dad coaching'. The initiative seeks to support new fathers through a series of individual sessions with a professional coach. The course, which operates under voluntary participation, explores the needs and behaviours associated with fatherhood.

Generational diversity

Lamborghini promotes the transfer of transversal knowledge between junior employees and senior professionals
Support for diversity and inclusion includes projects aimed at reducing the generational gap in the company, in which more than 50% of the workforce is made up of Millennials and Generation Z individuals. In addition to upskilling and reskilling activities, targeted especially at senior employees, Lamborghini has launched a reverse mentoring project, fostering the transfer of transversal knowledge between junior employees and senior professionals. With a diverse mix of employees, Lamborghini is future-ready in its approach to development. 

Cultural diversity

Lamborghini's DNA is the result of many cultures that contribute to create iconic products. Together, these create an environment rich in cultural diversity, which reflects the company’s global vocation and international vision. Thanks to these different origins, Lamborghini's workplace becomes a stellar example of integration and multiculturalism. At the company's  headquarters in Sant'Agata Bolognese, thirty-five nationalities from four continents are represented.

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