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With worldwide market introduction of the BMW iX slated for November 2021, we might see the latest EV from the Bavarian automaker sooner than we expect.

02 Jun 2021 | International News : Germany

More details of the BMW's future Electric Vehicle (EV), the iX SUV, has been revealed, with the biggest news of it being ready for market introduction in November 2021.

And it won't be a long wait for us, either. The iX is estimated to arrive on our shores by the fourth quarter of this year.

While it seems like most has been revealed about the iX, there is more. Here are some key points we found interesting.

1. Power figures confirmed, along with range figures

The most powerful variant of the iX will be the M60, with an output that exceeds 600bhp
Earlier in March, BMW revealed that there will be two main powertrain options. The power outputs are confirmed - the iX xDrive40 will put out 322bhp, and the xDrive50 with 516bhp.

Peak torque will be at 635Nm and 765Nm for the xDrive40 and xDrive50 variants respectively.

For those looking for more power in an EV SUV, BMW also has the answer. The latest details reveal of a more powerful variant that'll be made available at a later date, too. Dubbed the iX M60, its power output is said to exceed 600bhp. Torque figures for the M60 have not been confirmed as of press time.

With its gross energy content of 76.6kWh from its batteries, the iX xDrive40 offers a range of some 425km, according to the Worldwide Harmonised Test Procedure (WLTP). The more powerful xDrive50 offers a WLTP range of up to 630km from its 111.5kWh battery.

2. Shy technology

Lightly pressing on the BMW badge opens the windshield washer filler neck
With the iX being an EV, expect it to be tech laden. But some of the technological advancements cannot be seen. BMW aptly calls this 'shy tech'.

Some of the 'shy tech' include hidden windshield washer necks, a rear view camera with a self cleaning system, to speakers that are integrated to the door cars, hidden from sight.

The windshield washer neck is cleverly hidden, under the BMW badge in the front bonnet. This in fact brings about a more interesting feat of the iX.

As with lesser moving parts than a car with a traditional internal combustion engine, the iX is almost maintenance free, and doesn't require the customer to access the bonnet themselves to replace consumables such as washer fluid, according to Johann Kistler, Project Lead for the iX.

3. Next level convenience features

A new curved display will debut in the iX, and features Operating System 8.0 as standard
The iX also introduces the new Operating System 8.0, which focuses on dialogue based interaction as well as connectivity features using 5G technology.

In it includes Connected Charging, a feature in-built into BMW Maps. What it offers will include an optimum charging strategy for each trip, with charging stations highlighted on the map, and the invoicing for charging costs sent to the customer directly.

There's more. It also allows for the pre-conditioning of the iX's batteries for more effective charging. When the iX has a planned arrival at a charging station via BMW Maps, the thermal management system can heat or cool the battery accordingly.

On that topic, the iX also brings about new features that take away the stressors of car ownership. A more advanced version of BMW's tyre pressure monitor is also making a debut in the car.

By factoring in specific tyre data such as its manufacturer and production date, along with the pressure, temperature and speed readings, the iX can effectively forecast the remaining tyre life.

4. Safety assistance features, updated over time

Five cameras surround the iX to support its safety assistance features, with the front and rear cameras specifically having self-cleaning abilities
The key offering that the iX has is the ability to optimise, extend or update its functions over the air.

Which means its safety assistance features will be constantly updated to understand and adapt to different driving situations as the years go by.

The iX offers Level 3 functionality in terms of driving automation, with the ability to detect its environment and adapt to different situations if need be. This ability is aided with a new front camera that can detect traffic signs and other vehicles, along with the current slew of radar systems around the car.

In total, there are five cameras around the iX, and with the optional Parking Assistance Plus package, offers it the ability to record and save driving or parking incidents as added security.

5. While EV, it is still a BMW

The length of an X5, the height of an X6, and wheels the size of an X7 - the iX will be an interesting car to see in person
More than anything, BMW is looking at fulfilling the needs and wants of its customers with the iX. According to Johann Kistler, the car lends a lot of similarities in terms of proportions to the rest of the 'X' range of BMW SUVs.

"The iX has the footprint of an X5 in terms of length and width, the height of a BMW X6, and the wheel dimensions of the BMW X7," said Johann during an online roundtable session.

The aluminium spaceframe construction allows for increased rigidity and minimising weight. And while all variants of the iX feature an all-wheel drive setup, the system can send all power to the rear wheels, not just for efficiency, but a sportier driving experience.

In fact, when set up correctly, BMW even says that judicious oversteer can be used to execute controlled drifts in the iX. Whether or not it's possible, we'll have to find out when the iX arrives here by the end of the year.

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