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With the Maserati MC20 maquette's arrival here in Singapore, interested customers can now get an early look at the car's exterior proportions.

05 Jun 2021 | Local News : Singapore

The Maserati MC20 maquette has finally arrived in Singapore.

A full-scale model of the actual supercar, the maquette provides a detailed look at Maserati's new super car. The marquette is said to be similar to the production model, except for the fact that is not fitted with an engine.

The vertical head lights on the MC20 are a first for Maserati
And beyond the fact that it is drop dead gorgeous, the design of the MC20 is significant, as it will be the model from which the firm will draw inspiration from for its future cars.

The design of the MC20 is inspired by the firm's historic identity, with all the elegance, performance and comfort integral to its genetic make-up.

The most distinctive feature of the new super sports car are its exclusive butterfly doors, which are not only aesthetically stunning but also provide the driver and passengers with easier access to the cabin. 

At the front, the supercar is also the first Maserati to have vertical head lights. Its wide, low, horizontal rear light clusters meanwhile, are also equally distinctive.

The design of the cabin is highly driver-oriented, allowing nothing to distract from the sporting driving experience. This has been achieved through the use of simple forms, and very few sharp edges.

A simple cabin utilises simple forms and very few sharp edges to minimise distraction from the driving experience
Two 10.0-inch screens, one for the cockpit and the other for the Maserati Touch Control Plus, rest in the cabin.

A carbon fibre-clad central console also continues the simplistic theme with just a few features. These include the wireless smartphone charger, the driving mode selector, two speed selection buttons, the power window controls, the Multimedia System controls, and a handy storage compartment underneath the armrest.

All the other controls are on the steering wheel, with the ignition button on the left and the launch control on the right.

The actual Maserati MC20 will come with a 621hp V6 Nettuno engine. That power, and a sub-1,500kg weight, will see the car completing the century sprint in under 2.9 seconds. Top speed for the car meanwhile, stands at over 325km/h. The patented Nettuno engine was also conceived, developed, designed and built entirely by Maserati, and uses a pre-chamber combustion technology derived from Formula One engines.

First of its Kind, the new MC20 is an engineering and styling masterpiece that is said to open a new era for the brand, allowing it to return to a stage where it has always starred, that of super cars that combine luxury and performance with the unique Maserati Style.

The actual car will come with a 621bhp V6 engine, with plenty of technology from the world of Formula One
The MC20 was designed in Modena and will be built at the Viale Ciro Menotti plant, where the Trident's models have been built for more than 80 years. The new production line takes the place where the GranTurismo and GranCabrio models were assembled until November 2019.

The Nettuno engine will also be built in Modena, at the newly established Maserati Engine Lab.

The Maserati MC20 maquette is now available for private viewing until 18 June 2021 in the Maserati Singapore showroom. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, viewing is strictly by appointment only. For more information, contact the Maserati showroom at 6472 2236.

First customer deliveries of the Maserati MC20 here in Singapore are scheduled for early 2022.

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