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The air filters catch fine dust particles, prevent allergens from entering the interior, and absorb unpleasant odours.

18 Jun 2021 | International News : Czech Republic

Airborne pollen can be a pain for allergy sufferers, causing scratchy throats, watery eyes and sneezing fits. These consequences, however, can result in more than just a stuffy nose. At 50km/h, a sneeze can leave a driver blinded for around 30m, meaning exposure to dust or pollen can have serious implications for safety behind the wheel.

Skoda's Climatronic Air Care System can help to remedy the situation. Using a suite of sensors, it monitors air quality and, if necessary, responds by automatically activating the air recirculation function.

The Climatronic system eliminates pollen and fine dust particles found on the road
The activated carbon cabin air filters perform three functions simultaneously - catching fine dust particles, preventing allergens from entering the interior, and absorbing unpleasant odours.

Through effective interior filters and intelligent air conditioning, the Climatronic system keeps Skodas free of the majority of pollen and fine dust particles found on the road. The technology increases safety and improves comfort for occupants who might have breathing difficulties.

The Climatronic Air Care System is available as standard or as an option across most of Skoda's lineup.

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