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The efficiency and reliability of core components have been validated over hundreds of test runs conducted on the road.

19 Jun 2021 | International News : Germany

The BMW Group is beginning to test prototypes of the BMW i Hydrogen NEXT on European roads. The testing programme will pave the way for BMW to present a small-series model, developed on the basis of the BMW X5, in late 2022.

On top of the drivetrain, critical components such as the hydrogen tanks and central vehicle control unit have been tested for efficiency and reliability over hundreds of test runs conducted on test benches and the road.

At the same time, these tests are designed to ensure that BMW's signature driving characteristics are preserved, even with the introduction of hydrogen fuel cell technology.

In the BMW i Hydrogen NEXT, the fuel cell delivers an electrical output of 167bhp. Combined with the performance buffer battery, which recovers energy from coasting and braking phases, the drivetrain delivers a combined output of 368bhp. This is on par with the most powerful in-line six-cylinder petrol engine currently used in BMW models.

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