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Like Ducati's superbikes, the new MG-20 is exceptionally nimble and light, boasting a fluid and aerodynamic profile.

03 Jul 2021 | International News : Italy

Italian motorcycle manufacturer Ducati has revealed the MG-20, the first folding e-bike incorporating magnesium in the Ducati Urban e-Mobility lineup.

Like its superbikes, the new MG-20 is exceptionally nimble and light. The sporting character of Ducati is underlined by its distinctive design, characterised by a fluid and aerodynamic profile, The sharp lines of the six-spoke rims are made with a unique die-casting technique.

Its compact dimensions make the MG-20 ideal for urban travel
The e-bike's frame, forks and rims are made of magnesium, a material that ensures lightness and solidity, thereby providing maximum performance without affecting impact resistance. Its compact dimensions and ability to fold make the MG-20 the ideal vehicle for urban travel.

The MG-20 is equipped with an intelligent 0.3bhp rear motor capable of recognising road conditions, providing the appropriate level of assistance depending on the riding mode selected.

Management of the e-bike's main functions, such as switching on the lights and selecting between assistance levels takes place via the waterproof LCD display. A front LED head light and reflective strips on the wheels also ensure safer riding even at night.

A 36V Samsung battery is integrated into the frame and can be pulled out for more convenient charging. A full charge allows to travel up to 50km, at a maximum speed of 25km/h.

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