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The BMW iX3 blends locally emission-free driving with BMW sporting ability and the comfort and functionality of a Sports Activity Vehicle.

13 Jul 2021 | Local News : Singapore

BMW Asia and Performance Motors Limited have announced the availability of the all-electric BMW iX3 here in Singapore.

The first-ever BMW iX3 blends locally emission-free driving pleasure with the sporting ability for which BMW is renowned and the comfort, multi-faceted functionality and spaciousness of a Sports Activity Vehicle.

The aerodynamically designed light-alloy wheels on the BMW iX3 help reduce its drag coefficient by around 5%
Identify the BMW iX3 from the enclosed design of its front apron and kidney grille, as well as its re-sculpted rear end, all done in order to reduce air resistance.

And from the flank, the car can also be spotted from its aerodynamically designed light-alloy wheels, which also help to control the flow of air around the vehicle. The aerodynamic wheels making their debut on the first-ever BMW iX3 reduce its drag coefficient by around 5% over an equivalent vehicle with conventional light-alloy wheels.

Under all that sheet metal of the BMW iX3 also is BMW's fifth generation of BMW eDrive technology, so the latest versions of the electric motor, transmission and power electronics are now arranged together in a single housing. The power density of the electric motor in the BMW iX3 is also 30% greater than that of existing fully electric vehicles from the BMW Group.

Fifth generation of BMW eDrive technology sees the power density of the electric motor increasing by 30% over BMW's existing fully electric vehicles
The use of a current-excited synchronous motor electric motor also allows rare earths to be entirely avoided in the manufacturing of the motor.

The new drive system unit generates maximum output of 282bhp and peak torque of 400Nm which, unlike with many other electric motors, is sustained at high revs.

This output allows the BMW iX3 to sprint from zero to 100km/h in 6.8 seconds. Top speed meanwhile, is electronically limited to 180km/h.

The gravimetric energy density of the 188 prismatic cells in the BMW iX3 is around 20% higher than the one of the battery cells used by the BMW Group for fully electric vehicles up to now. A gross energy content of 80 kWh - of which 74 kWh is utilised - and the high efficiency of the drive systems allow the first-ever BMW iX3 to offer a range of up to 459km in the WLTP test cycle.

The iX3 will come in Singapore with a sports steering wheel and electrically adjustable front sports seats
Customers of the BMW iX3 in Singapore will get their car with the BMW i Wallbox Plus with a four-metre cable and a basic installation package as standard. The BMW iX3 is compatible with all Type 2 public charging stations that are widely available across the island.

The BMW iX3 will also feature a simulated Start/Stop sound - the first sound originating from the cooperation between Award-winning composer Hans Zimmer and BMW in a production vehicle. BMW states that more driving soundtracks from the collaboration with Hans Zimmer will become available in electrified BMW models at a later date.

Car Model Price as of press time (inclusive of COE)
BMW iX3 Electric Impressive [74 kWh] (A) $252,888

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