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NOCO Boost jump starters hold a significantly greater capacity than its lead-acid battery counterparts, for three times as long.

01 Aug 2021 | International News : Singapore

Having a reliable portable car battery charger is important for vehicles running on older batteries, which are prone to circumstances that require a jump start.

If you're looking to buy a jump starter after reading this, NOCO has your back. It offers a wide variety of premium products, from battery chargers to its NOCO Boost GB20 and GB40 lithium-ion battery jump starters.

NOCO Boost products feature a USB port for charging mobile devices
Incorporating high-discharge lithium technology, NOCO Boost jump starters hold a greater charge capacity in less than half the space of its lead-acid battery counterparts, and can hold a charge for three times as long.

NOCO Boost's patented safety technology also provides spark-proof connections and reverse polarity protection, making it easy to jump start a car's battery safely. NOCO Boost jump starters are also IP65 rated, and are housed within a rubberised over-molded casing.

Weighing just over 1kg, the ultra-compact jump starters make storage easy until they are needed. NOCO Boost products can also function as a portable power bank, featuring a USB port for charging mobile devices.

All NOCO jump starters come with a one-year limited warranty. NOCO Singapore is offering a 15% discount for the NOCO GB20, at $196 (U.P $229.80), and the NOCO GB40, at $246 (U.P $289.80). Both models come with a complimentary case, and can be purchased at Carstom Pte Ltd's retail store.

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