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The Toyota Corolla, now in its 12th generation, is celebrating a spectacular global sales milestone of 50 million cars.

19 Aug 2021 | International News : Japan

The Toyota Corolla is celebrating a spectacular milestone of 50 million cars sold globally.

The Toyota Corolla first made its debut in November 1966. It was sold in Japan as a 1.0-litre compact five-seater sedan, and within two years, doubled its annual production from 480,000 to 1.1 million vehicles.

The introduction of the Toyota Corolla was a catalyst for mass car ownership in Japan, and the rest of Asia. And since then, sales of the model have grown from strength to strength. This new milestone underscores the robust confidence and belief in the Corolla’s build quality, reliability, safety and durability.

Now in its 12th generation, it is Toyota's most recognised model, and one of the world's top-selling cars. Locally, the Toyota Corolla accounted for about a third of all Toyota sales between 2015 to 2020. The 12th generation Corolla also took top spot as Singapore's favourite sedan in 2019 and sgCarMart's Sedan of the Year in 2020, thanks to its hybrid options and cutting edge Toyota Safety Sense features.

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