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Third time's the (electric) charm: MG is adding its handsome and well-rounded MG5 EV stationwagon to its duo of SUVs in Singapore.

04 Sep 2021 | Local News : Singapore

Days after Strides Taxi's MG5 EV cabs rolled out onto our streets, Eurokars Group has spread even more cheer by announcing that the electric stationwagon is officially joining MG Singapore's family, and will be available to car buyers here. 

MG Singapore is currently propped up by two pleasant SUVs - the HS, and the ZS EV. Of course, sgCarMart has driven both before, and we were vocal in our praise for the comfortable ride and easy handling they provide. There's no reason not to expect the same from the MG5 EV. 

MG is calling the 5 EV a 'Family Lifestyle Drive' we think that's about right. Dog not included
The good-looking 'Family Lifestyle Drive' - that's what MG Singapore is calling the MG5 EV - will be offered in two variants here: The Exclusive and the Excite (yes, that's a lot of 'E's, fittingly).

As its name suggests, the Exclusive is the higher end variant. On top of a 61.1kWh battery that will power drivers through 500km, it also offers premium driver-assisting tech (such as Adaptive Cruise Control, a Forward Collision System and Lane Keep Assist, among the long list) and premium comfort (such as lumbar adjustment for the driver).

MG has been kind enough too not to discriminate against either camp of smartphone fans - the Exclusive features both Android Auto and Apple Carplay, both of which will surely be a breeze to use with the car's vibrant 8.0-inch infotainment touchscreen. 

When we get around to our video review, there's no doubt this boot will ace the aunty trolley test
Still, the Excite is no less of a marathoner even as the entry-level variant; its 50.3kWh battery and WLTP-certified range of 420km will still have plenty of juice left to run on even if you got bored one day and decided to drive across the island twice non-stop (No? Just us?). Charging to 80%? No sweat too - that takes a mere 40 minutes with a fast-charger.

More-than-ample cabin space, a suitcase-devouring boot of 495 litres and regenerative braking as standard across the range, all mean that the MG5 EV remains a practical and efficient runner no matter the trim level. We reckon families are truly going to love this one. 

Also, the car you see here in New Pearl White is already quite commanding and sharp, but if you fancy other palettes, MG Singapore is serving up five other colours for owners to choose from. Our hearts are with the Soul Blue.

As an attractive, added incentive to land your hands on one quickly, buyers now currently also qualify for the EV Early Adopter Incentive scheme, which will be in effect till 31 December 2021.

For those interested in a taste of the future (and why wouldn't you be?), appointments for test drives have been opened with immediate effect for booking. Excite-ing times indeed.

Car Model Price as of press time (inclusive of COE)
MG5 Electric Excite SW 50.3 kWh (A)  $123,888
MG5 Electric Exclusive SW 61.1 kWh (A)  $129,888

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