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A claimed 660km all-electric range, the optional MBUX Hyperscreen, and best-in-class cabin isolation make the Mercedes EQE ideally suited for travel in comfort.

07 Sep 2021 | International News : Germany

Mercedes-Benz has unveiled the EQE electric saloon.

The EQE features a sporty design with many of the characteristic Mercedes-EQ design touches, including the one-bow line and cab-forward design first seen in the EQS.

The EQE350 will offer an output of 288bhp and 531Nm of torque
As with many all-electric cars, the EQE gets short overhangs, while at the rear, the car gets a dynamic accent in the from of a sharp rear spoiler. Wheels that are flush to the outer edge of the body combine with a muscular shoulder section to give the EQE an athletic character.

The EQE is 4,946mm long, with a wheelbase of 3,120mm (the latter being 90mm shorter than the wheelbase of the EQS but 80mm longer than that of the current E-Class). The interior dimensions are also said to exceed those of the current generation E-Class, promising more shoulder room in the front, and overall interior length.

Boot capacity meanwhile, is 430 litres. The MBUX Hyperscreen, automatic comfort doors at the front, and rear-axle steering will be available as optional extras. The EQE also promises best-in-class isolation from noise and vibration in its cabin.

Mercedes' MBUX Hyperscreen comes as an option on the EQE
A 90kWh net capacity battery will allow for a range of up to 660km according to the Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedure cycle. Maximum direct current charging speed for the EQE stands at 170kW.

Two variants have been revealed for market launch, with the EQE350 offering an output of 288bhp and 531Nm of torque. The specification for the second variant has yet to be disclosed. However, performance variants with over 671bhp are said to be planned.

The EQE will also be available with the MBUX Hyperscreen as an optional extra. The MBUX hyperscreen merges three large screens under a glass cover so it appears as one curved unit that sweeps almost from A-pillar to A-pillar.

The EQE will be offered with six different coordinated colour combinations in its interior
The Hypersceen will allow the front passenger to have control over their own 12.3-inch OLED display.

However, Mercedes states a camera system will dim this display for certain content should it detect that the driver is looking at the front passenger's screen.

Mercedes also highlights the fact that the EQE now sports an enhanced Attention Assist system. The new system is able to provide additional microsleep warning by analysing the driver's eyelid movements using a camera in the driver display.

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