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The MG Maze Concept will reward you with points as you discover new digital street art around your city just like a certain app that was the craze a while ago.

24 Sep 2021 | International News : U.K.

SAIC Design has pulled the wraps off a new MG concept to mark its third anniversary and explore a vision of future urban mobility.

The MG Maze, aimed at the next generation of car users, brings the fun and pioneering spirit of MG into the 21st century, by offering the consumer the ability to score points as they explore various digital street art throughout their city.

Floating seats and an advanced user interface here will elevate the daily commute
Exactly what there points will be used for, is untstated. However, MG states that the concept will thus offer consumers something fresh and exciting, merging together the worlds of mobility and gaming.

The MG Maze is a compact urban two-seater capable of the utmost agility and functionality in busy urban environments. The exterior features a transparent shell alongside an exposed chassis and various other componentry, a touch also inspired by high-end gaming PCs.

Inside the MG Maze, there are floating seats, as well as an advanced user interface said to enhance the gaming aspect of the car by delivering a fun and enjoyable driving experience. Steering of the MG Maze is said to be controlled not by a steering wheel but by the driver's smartphone. We hope the concept comes with some solution to minimise distracted driving.

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