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Adding a breath of fresh air to the sub-compact SUV market is Suzuki's all new Ignis with its bold and recognisable styling.

07 Oct 2021 | Local News : Singapore

Champion Motors has launched the all new Suzuki Ignis in Singapore today, through an online launch event on its Facebook page.

The previous generation of the Suzuki Ignis was introduced here in the early 2000s in the form of a lovable hatchback. Today, the return of the Ignis adds a unique offering with a distinct personality to car buyers that are shopping for a sub-compact SUV.

The quirky and bold styling of the Ignis is inspired by many of the past Suzuki cars
The all new Suzuki Ignis sports a bold and recognisable styling which, like its namesake, harks back to previous Suzuki cars.

While the cheerful and fun styling of the Ignis is distinctive, it inherits design elements from several past Suzuki cars - the head lights placed within the front grille is inspired by the Cervo, the blacked-out A and B-pillars reminiscent of the Swift and a clamshell-shaped bonnet and fender garnish are influenced by the Vitara.

Take a seat inside the Ignis and you'll be greeted by a simple yet characteristic design with a mix of sweeping lines and rounded edges to give the cabin a futuristic look.

Simple yet characteristic, the cabin of the Ignis is a pleasant place to be in
Despite its compact footprint, the Ignis features a roomy and comfortable cabin with ample head and legroom. With 50:50 split rear seats, cargo space is not only versatile, but also expands to more than 500 litres. 

The Ignis is also packed with modern safety technology - it is equipped with the Suzuki Safety Support (ADAS) Suite, an active safety system that helps mitigate accidents.

The active safety system includes a pre-collision system, the Dual Camera Brake Support (DCBS) which uses stereo cameras to detect vehicles and pedestrians, helping to avoid collisions through warnings and automatic braking. It is also equipped with a Lane departure warning function and weaving alert function to keep you driving safely within the lanes.

The small but mighty Ignis offers generous cabin space along with versatile boot space
Powering the Ignis is a 1.2-litre engine putting out 82bhp and 107Nm of torque, assisted by a mild-hybrid system that utilises an integrated starter generator to deliver both performance and excellent fuel economy.

With the use of a large percentage of lightweight and strong high-tensile steel, the Ignis weighs in at just 890kg, all while maintaining a high level of rigidity.

In line with its fun and quirky nature, the Ignis is available in a wide range of single and duo-toned colours, giving drivers the freedom of choice.

The all new Suzuki Ignis is available in Singapore from 7 October 2021. If you are interested in the car, you can head down to the Suzuki Showroom to have a closer look at it in the flesh, or take it out for a test drive.

Car Model Price as of press time (inclusive of COE)
Suzuki Ignis Mild Hybrid 1.2 Standard (A) $108,900
Suzuki Ignis Mild Hybrid 1.2 Standard Two-Tone (A) $109,900

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