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10 new models will be developed under the new e:N branding within the next five years, with some models planned for export to markets outside China.

15 Oct 2021 | International News : China

Honda has revealed two new electric SUVs and three new concept cars at a virtual press conference on its electrification strategy in China.

The firms states it plans to introduce 10 Honda-brand EV models in China within the next five years, all within its new 'e:N' series.

The Honda e:NP1 will go on sale in China alongside the e:NS1 early next year
The 'e' in the name is said to represent 'e:Technology', the collective brand name for Honda's electrification technologies, while the letter 'N' stands for 'New/Next', representing new value creation for the next-generation of mobility.

Honda states that a number of the cars from the new series will be exported to markets beyond China.

The first two models from the new e:N series, namely e:NS1 and e:NP1, are already set to go on sale from early 2022. The models will be manufactured in Dongfeng Honda and GAC Honda, respectively, and will both offer, according to the firm, a "sporty and exhilarating driving unique to Honda".

The firm also revealed that it is currently developing three concept models within the e:N Series lineup: The e:N Coupe Concept, e:N SUV Concept and e:N GT Concept. Sales of these new model is targeted to start within the next five years.

Three more concepts under the e:N brand have also been revealed
The new models come alongside announced plans to strengthen production systems and capabilities at both GAC Honda and Dongfeng Honda.

These plants are already set to become highly-efficient and environmentally-responsible EV production sites.

Honda has also announced an accelerated collaboration with its strategic alliance partner, CATL, to further strengthen its battery supply system.

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