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The new 2,700sqm premises will be able to service up to 60 vehicles in a day and comes as part of the firm's plans to expand its fleet and service standards.

19 Oct 2021 | Local News : Singapore

Pan Pacific Leasing Group has opened a new leasing service centre, located at 37 Loyang Way.

The new 2,700sqm location hosts 12 hoists and can service up to 60 vehicles in a day. And for those looking for vehicles to lease, there are up to 20 vehicles at the ready at the new service centre. The new service centre comes as part of the group's plans to expand its fleet to 2,400 vehicles by the end of this year.

Customers that lease from Pan Pacific Leasing Group can look forward to the use of a state-of-the-art fleet management system for real-time information about each vehicle, allowing for route optimisation, vehicle mileage tracking and individual driver performance evaluation.

The firm also has plans to open another new building in the Leng Kee area to serve as a central headquarters and provide vehicle maintenance services within the next few years. The new building will further expand its overall capacity and service offerings.

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