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ComfortProtect grants taxi passengers protection against personal accidents and even COVID-19, from just $0.30 per ride!

20 Oct 2021 | Local News : Singapore

Want better peace of mind the next time you take a taxi?

ComfortDelGro is now offering those that ride in its taxis the option to get insured against accidents or COIVD-19 by opting into its new ComfortProtect insurance scheme.

ComfortProtect is available to all who book ComfortRIDE via the ComfortDelGro Taxi Booking App
Underwritten by HL Assurance Pte Ltd, the new product is exclusively available to passengers who book ComfortRIDE and activate the policy via the ComfortDelGro Taxi Booking App.

ComfortProtect offers passengers coverage for personal accidents such as accidental death and permanent total disability of up to $50,000 for 24 hours starting from the time they board the taxi - at a premium of just $0.30.

The plan, which is the first of its kind in Singapore, also offers a $500 cash payout for anyone who has taken the COVID-19 Polymerase Chain Reaction test and is tested positive for COVID-19, within 14 days from the date of the ride; and is hospitalised to receive in-patient treatment for a consecutive period of at least three days after testing positive for COVID-19.

You'll get the full coverage offered by ComfortProtect on your first ride for free!
If you take rides on the app all the time, you'll also want to know that ComfortDelGro is offering passengers who opt in for their first ComfortProtect full coverage, for free!

Passengers that have not activated ComfortProtect at the time of their ComfortRIDE booking can still do so during the ride by simply tapping on the 'Opt In' button on the ComfortProtect banner in the App.

Once ComfortProtect has been activated, it remains in force for all subsequent ComfortRIDE trips until the passenger deactivates it in the App.

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