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A retuned suspension, improved acoustics and new exterior paint colours now come with the BMW M135i x Drive performance hatchback.

21 Oct 2021 | International News : Germany

BMW has updated its M135i performance hatchback for increased handling and more standout style.

For a start, there's now new camber values for the front wheels of the BMW M135i xDrive. These have been increased to optimise absorption of lateral forces when powering through corners. A new hydromount is also now used at the front suspension wishbones, while the mounts for the trailing and control arms at the rear axle have also been redesigned. The spring and damping systems of the car have also undergone a recalibration.

The new exterior paint options come as BMW upgrades the paint shop at its Leipzig plant, where the M135 is manufactured
These changes are said to improve roll behaviour in corners while improving the car's steering feel.

From the cabin, eager drivers will also note that the car's four-cylinder engine note has been revised.

Delivered through the car's twin-tailpipe exhaust and carefully amplified through the audio system's speakers, the new soundtrack is said to convey the signature four-cylinder engine note of a BMW M model to those on board more authentically than ever.

Finally, accompanying the technical changes to the M135i are a new selection of striking paint finishes, introduced to underscore the individual character of the performance hatchback. The new paint options include the M paint shade Sao Paulo Yellow non-metallic, as well as the Frozen Orange metallic and Frozen Pure Grey finishes.

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