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There's a new front, and an updated infotainment alongside a few driving improvements and a new F Sport variant with the new Lexus ES, now in Singapore.

28 Oct 2021 | Local News : Singapore

Lexus has launched the new Lexus ES and the first-ever Lexus ES F Sport in Singapore.

The ES is now quieter and safer than before and is coming to Singapore in three variants: The Lexus ES 250, hybrid Lexus ES300h, and for the first time in Singapore, the Lexus ES 250 F Sport.

The infotainment screen of the Lexus ES has been moved forward by 100mm and is now tilted for easier reach by the driver
On the outside, the Lexus ES gets a newly designed front grille and headlamps. Newly designed 18-inch wheels are also now standard on the Executive grade.

Two new exterior colours are also now available. The first, Sonic Iridium, takes advantage of strong shadows to further accentuate the shape of the vehicle, while the second, Sonic Chrome, delivers a metallic quality in a high-gloss finish.

In the cabin, the multimedia system of the Lexus ES now features a touch display made with glass for improved visibility and operability.

The display has also moved closer to the driver by more than 100mm compared to previous display layouts and tilted approximately five degrees, allowing even the outlying corners of the screen to be within easy reach of the driver.

Drivers will also be able to appreciate the various driving improvements made to the new Lexus ES. These include new braces for the rear suspension, which will deliver greater ride comfort.

Rear passengers can recline their seats by an additional eight degress for better comfort
The internals of the braking system for both the hybrid and petrol-driven models have also been improved for increased driver confidence. The brake pedal also has a new shape and increased contact area for a better sense of stability.

Rear seat passenger comfort has long been a hallmark of the Lexus ES, and rear package capability continues to be a priority here. The rear seats are able to recline up to eight degrees for enhanced relaxation through the rear seat controls, which also control the sunshades, air conditioning and audio.

Those looking for a sleeker, more daring look on their Lexus ES can also opt for the new F Sport model. The model adopts a black crosshatch pattern of interlocking 'L' shapes that corresponds with cut-out sections at the car's front corners. Lexus ES F Sport models also get a rear spoiler, exclusive badging, and a dark lower valance. The sporty variant also gets 19-inch wheels finished in glossy black to match the front grille.

The interior of the F Sport model comes either in White, Flare Red and Black colour schemes, combined with seatbacks in Black for a sportier impression. There's also a new metallic cabin trim inspired by traditional Japanese sword-making, which delivers fluctuating wave patterns that give the cabin a three-dimensional look which varies depending on the viewing angle.

The ES F Sport is also now available in Singapore, perfect for those looking for a sportier design for the executive sedan
Updates to the Lexus Safety System+ also mean the Pre-Collision System of the new ES can better detect oncoming vehicles before right turns and pedestrians crossing the street from the direction toward which the vehicle was traveling before it started to make a right or left turn.

The lane-recognition functions of Lane Tracing Assist has also been improved with an extended assist range, resulting in smoother and more-continuous steering assist.

In line with Lexus' Omotenashi principles of anticipating and fulfilling guest's needs, Lexus Singapore is also launching a new Signature Care programme alongside the ES.

The care programme will allow owners of the new Lexus ES to enjoy ultimate peace of mind and seamless ownership experience with special privileges covering the full spectrum of aftersales care. These include a five year, 100,000km servicing and warranty bundle and a five-year unlimited mileage extended warranty on top of various other complimentary replacements for wear and tear items and a suite of paint protection sessions.

Car Model Price (inclusive of COE)
Lexus ES 250 2.5 Executive (A) $270,888
Lexus ES 250 2.5 F Sport (A) $286,800
Lexus ES 250 2.5 Luxury (A) $290,800
Lexus ES 300h Hybrid 2.5 Executive (A) $282,800
Lexus ES 300h Hybrid 2.5 Luxury (A) $300,800

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