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No, there is no redesign of the On Board Units in store. This delay is all down to the global chip shortage. Sorry to disappoint!

17 Nov 2021 | Local News : Singapore

Hate the model of the new IU unit that was revealed late last year? If so, you'll have plenty of reason to celebrate this evening as the LTA has just announced that it will push back the rollout of the new ERP system.

And what a push back it is indeed. While the original commencement of installations of the new On-Board Units (OBU) was originally planned for late 2021, the LTA states that it is now targeting a commencement date closer to the second half of 2023.

The new OBUs will require parts from quite a few suppliers that have been hit by the global ship shortage
And the reason for the delay? Well, we have the global shortage of microchips to thank for this new predicament.

The LTA states that with the new OBUs designed to give motorists value-added services including advance alerts on charging locations and real-time traffic information, its parts now need to be sourced from different suppliers, a few of which have indicated that they have been unable to meet the required delivery schedules for critical components owing to the microchip shortage.

And here we are hoping against hope that a redesign calling for a more compact unit has finally gained traction.

If all fairness, the LTA does state that all Singapore-registered vehicles will get their first OBU installed free of charge, and that it will continue to ensure that the installation exercise will proceed smoothly. It additionally states that it will give motorists and the motor industry ample notice ahead of the installation exercise.

The current ERP system will continue to operate until the new ERP system is implemented.

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