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A 70kWh battery gives the Mitsubishi Airtrek a 520km range alongside an open and spacious interior for the family to ride in comfort.

26 Nov 2021 | International News : China

Mitsubishi Motors has unveiled the all new Airtrek electric SUV Airtrek at Auto Guangzhou in China.

The all new Airtrek was developed and designed to be what Mitsubishi states is an 'e-cruising SUV'.

A long wheelbase and broad width ensures there's enough room for the whole family in the cabin of the Mitsubishi Airtrek
The firm states the 'e' here not only represents the car's 'electric' drive, but also the fact that it presents an opportunity for owners to 'expand' their lifestyle, on top of the car's 'expressive' uniqueness.

The styling of the Airtrek is identifiably Mitsubishi throughout, from the Dynamic Shield front to the hexagon motif of the tailgate, embodying both the manoeuvrability and high stability that characterises Mitsubishi vehicles.

The interior of the Mitsubishi Airtrek meanwhile, is open and spacious. It features a horizontally-themed instrument panel that offers a broad field of vision for easy positioning of the car on the road.

Soft padding in used in all common contact points and use of stitching throughout is said to lift the sense of quality here. With its long wheelbase and broad overall width, the new model also offers spacious interior room for the whole family to ride in comfort.

The Mitsubishi Airtrek comes equipped with a large capacity 70kWh drive battery, achieving a maximum driving range of approximately 520km based on the China light-duty vehicle test cycle.

The drive battery is located in the centre of the floor for an ideal front-rear weight distribution alongside a low centre of gravity.

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