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Drivers of a plug-in hybrid BMW can earn double points for driving in electric mode within an eDrive zone, which they can exchange for charging credits.

29 Nov 2021 | International News : Germany

The BMW Group is introducing its innovative eDrive Zones in another 20 European cities, bringing the total to 138 cities in Europe. The service is further expected to be rolled out in at least another 30 cities worldwide in the coming year.

Geofencing technology and GPS allows a BMW plug-in hybrid model to automatically switch to all-electric driving mode upon entering inner city areas. Drivers are in turn rewarded with bonus points for each all-electric kilometre driven - and with double points in an eDrive Zone - which they can redeem for charging credit. Bonus points are also offered to driver while charging their vehicle.

The designation of eDrive zones allows the models to drive locally emission-free - just like purely electric vehicles - and with low fuel costs, as electric motors are much more efficient than combustion engines for driving in city traffic.

The 20 latest cities to be added are: Aberdeen, Bregenz, Brescia, Bristol, Cambridge, Cardiff, Copenhagen, Cork, Coventry, Florence, Klagenfurt, Lille, Matosinhos, Naples, Oeiras, Oxford, Sheffield, St. Polten, Toulouse and Verona.

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