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Users of the Amazon select boxes will be able to experience a virtual drive of the Volkswagen Taos on a 3D map and unlock access to Amazon's music service.

30 Nov 2021 | International News : U.S.A

Those in the U.S.A will soon be able to experience a new web-based augmented reality technology via select Amazon boxes, which will bring a sensory experience of the new Taos SUV right into their own homes.

The select Amazon boxes will be shipped directly to Amazon customers across the U.S.A. Upon scanning the QR code on the specially-designed boxes, users can experience a virtual drive on a 3D map and add unique sounds along the way.

Four musical moods - Road Tripping, Rhythm Kicking, Smooth Gliding, and City Vibing - are offered as users guide their Taos through various hotspots on the map. Loop by loop, the technology creates unique shareable drives. By recording these drives, customers are able to unlock three months of Amazon Music Unlimited at no added cost - with unlimited access to millions of podcast episodes and more than 75 million songs, ad-free, in the highest-quality streaming audio.

The augmented reality experience can be experienced on your smartphone by all those outside the U.S.A here.

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