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A more streamlined interface alongside an improved voice recognition system are in store for new examples of the Volkswagen Golf.

29 Dec 2021 | International News : Germany

The Volkswagen Golf will soon get an improved infotainment system.

Due to go into series production in the next few weeks, this major upgrade will improve the voice control and navigation features, which are also now available more quickly than before.

The comprehension rate of the voice recognition system now stands at 95%, while response times have also been increased
The use of digital microphones now allows the system to recognise whether the driver or the passenger is speaking. This means that interior controls can be adjusted for the correct user: The car's air-conditioning can be adjusted specifically for the person making the request, for example.

The voice recognition system has also been optimised. Response times are said to be four times faster than before. It is also now capable of asking questions and allowing interruptions, while Volkswagen states the comprehension rate of the system has been improved substantially, now reaching 95%.

Intelligent online functions such as news or weather reports now have an improved interface for easier use.

Finally, the system now blocks the buttons around the hazard warning light switch and the sliders for volume and temperature once a finger is detected within a few centimetres of the screen. This ensures that unintentional activation of the control panels below the infotainment screen is virtually impossible.

Vehicles that have already been delivered will also be able to benefit from the optimised software through a software update starting from 2022.

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