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BMW has premiered a new Digital Art Mode in collaboration with Chinese Artist Cao Fei for the iX M60 at the Consumer Electronics Show.

09 Jan 2022 | International News : U.S.A

You can now get a piece of digital artwork to enjoy, all within your BMW iX.

Premiering at CES 2022, the new Digital Art Mode on the iX M60 was created in collaboration with Chinese Artist Cao Fei.

Named the Quantum Garden, the work on display is said to speak of the continuous change of a globalised and interconnected world, comprising of galaxies of visual spaces filled with dots, light beams and nebulae that are constantly moving towards and away from each other at varying speeds while growing and shrinking again and again.

BMW states that the new Digital Art Mode feature will be made available for other BMW series vehicles from 2022 onwards, with selected models offering the feature as a customised optional addition configurated directly ex work, although other models can also be retrofitted with the feature via remote software upgrades integrated into the user interface.

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