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Lamborghini has been recognised as a top employer in Italy for the ninth time running thanks to its high-value corporate welfare strategy.

23 Jan 2022 | International News : Italy

Lamborghini has once again been confirmed as a 'Top Employer Italia'. The award, received for the ninth year running, recognises Lamborghini's high-value corporate welfare strategy, putting its people at the centre of its operations.

The award comes at a turning point for the company. Following the announcement of the Direzione Cor Tauri plan and a focus on sustainability, Lamborghini has planned major hirings and new skills development programmes over the coming decade. The company will also invest heavily in training, using new technologies in virtual and digital environments, to accelerate the learning of the production line workers.

Despite the pandemic, Lamborghini's employment numbers are bucking the trend, thanks to the growth it has experienced even during this challenging time: The company currently has over 1,900 employees, an increase of 5.6% compared against 2021.

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