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Toyota's 60-second spot for the Super Bowl will highlight the firm's support of the Olympic and Paralympic Movement.

14 Feb 2022 | International News : U.S.A

Toyota Motor North America returns to the Super Bowl with a 60-second ad that shares an inspiring message of determination and spotlights the power of sport. Toyota's Big Game ad, titled Brothers, features two real-life brothers: Brian McKeever (Global Team Toyota Athlete and Canada's most decorated Winter Paralympian) and Robin McKeever (Olympian, cross-country skiing / Paralympic guide and coach, Para Nordic Skiing).

The 60-second spot begins with Robin teaching Brian how to ski at a young age. The brothers (portrayed by actors) are then shown admiring a cross-country skiing race on television, transitioning to adolescent Brian trying to keep up with Robin while bike riding down a neighborhood hill. The camera then cuts to a close-up x-ray of Brian's eye, depicting the moment he learned of his Stargardt diagnosis.

The spot continues with Robin encouraging his brother forward, vocally guiding him, with snippets interwoven depicting the moments of their training sessions. The spot concludes with a scene of the actual McKeever brothers crossing the finish line and winning Paralympic gold with the uplifting message: After Brian lost his eyesight, the McKeever brothers went on to win 10 Paralympic medals. Together.

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