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The site will produce a future Volkswagen carbon-neutral model equipped with Level 4 autonomous driving technology and built atop a new SSP platform.

09 Mar 2022 | International News : Germany

Volkswagen has announced that it will invest close to $2.98 billion on a new Trinity plant, to be located close to the firm's main plant in Wolfsburg, Germany.

The new plant will be the manufacturing site of a future carbon-neutral Volkswagen model, built atop the firm's Scalable Systems Platform. Volkswagen states the vehicle will be a high-volume model, and will be able to deliver a range in excess of 700km, alongside shortened charging times. The Trinity model will also come equipped with up to Level 4 autonomous driving ability.

The new plant will also set new production standards when it commences operations planned in 2026, with a production of just 10 hours per vehicle. Key to reaching this high manufacturing speed will be a reduction of model variants, the use of fewer components, increased use of automation, as well as the use of lean production line and new logistic concepts.

Construction of the new site is planned to start from early 2023.

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