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Toyota is now offering the GR Supra with a new six-speed manual transmission that comes with a redesigned centre console and retuned traction control system.

29 Apr 2022 | International News : U.S.A

Huzzah! The Toyota GR Supra is now available with a manual transmission!

And it ain't no quick gearbox swap job either. Toyota's engineers have installed a six-speed intelligent Manual Transmission (iMT) that they state, was developed specifically for the Supra. This means it comes with componentry tailored for the power and torque characteristics of the now 382bhp 3.0-litre engine as the GR Supra is available with in the U.S.A.

An A91-MT special edition is being built for the 2023 model year, offering a Cognac leather-trimmed seats, GR logoed Alcantara shift knob in the cabin
A large diameter clutch which sports a reinforced diaphragm spring, for example, has been utilised in this transmission, with its larger friction area delivering the high-performance capability appropriate for use with the GR Supra's high torque output.

As on the Toyota GR Yaris, this iMT will optimise engine torque at the moment of clutch engagement on upshifts, and has been fine-tuned to deliver consistent performance on downshifts. This intelligent mapping will come set as the default but, if the driver prefers, it can be switched off when driving in Sport mode to offer full control to the driver.

And being a Toyota GR product, no detail was spared during the switch to this new gearbox. Toyota states that the shifter's lever ratio was specifically set to minimise the effort required to make shifts and engage reverse gear. While the weight and shape of the 200g gear knob, along with the quality of shift engagement, have all been precisely defined. The console unit and position of the drive mode selector meanwhile, have also been adjusted to provide necessary clearance between the shift knob and the control panel, so it should all be a real pleasure to use.

The manual transmission-equipped car's traction control system has also been recalibrated to allow drivers to make smooth progress from a standstill on icy roads despite the GR Supra's wide tyres.

The position of the drive mode selector has been alttered for more room between the gear shifter and air-conditioning console on the manual GR Supra
And traction control intervention has also been recalibrated to maintain stability when exiting a corner on throttle - so the car keeps faithfully to the driver's intended line - while allowing the right amount of power for a sporty experience.

There's also a new Hairpin+ function, which will allow a greater difference in the degree of wheel spin on the left and right-side tyres when taking tight bends on an uphill gradient.

The manual transmission will be available as an option only on the 3.0-litre Supra, while a limited A91-MT Edition model will also be produced only for the 2023 model year in the U.S.A.

This A91-MT special edition will be a 500 unit limited run model that comes equipped with exclusive Cognac leather-trimmed seats, a GR logoed Alcantara shift knob and a 12-speaker acoustically tuned premium JBL sound system. On the outside, a red 'Supra' Badge and red GR Supra emblazoned calipers punctuate its extreme, condensed design. It will be offered in two exclusive colors, Matte White and CU Later Gray, and comes equipped with unique forged 19-inch Frozen Gunmetal Gray wheels. And under the hood, red strut tower braces add one more accent to the already bold design of the Supra.

All 2023 Toyota GR Supra models will also get a retuned suspension with retuned shock absorbers for improved roll balance and ride comfort.

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