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Renault states that this Scenic Vision Concept is a preview of an all-electric, C-segment model designed for families that will be unveiled in 2024.

22 May 2022 | International News : France

Renault has unveiled a new Scenic Vision concept car that is described as bringing the brand's vision for a greener, safer and more inclusive future to life.

More than 70% of the total mass of the Scenic Vision concept car is said to be made from renewable and recyclable materials, and 95% of the materials in its design, battery included, are reusable, recoverable and/or recyclable.

The Reanult Scenic Vision Concept uitlises suicide doors and has had its B-pillar removed, all for easy ingress and egress
Powering the concept car is an innovative combination of a hydrogen fuel cell alongside a 40kWh battery. This means the Scenic Vision concept car can not only be charged via a conventional vehicle charger, but can also utilise its fuel cell to extend the maximum possible range for long drives. The use of hydrogen will also allow the vehicle to be refilled in five minutes or less.

All this power feeds into a 215bhp electric motor that uses no rare-earth elements.

On the outside, the exterior design of Renault Scenic Vision is said to preview an upcoming all-electric model that Renault will unveil come 2024. This vehicle is said to compete within the C-segment, and will be designed for long family journeys.

A variety of sculpted surfaces make up the front of the Renault Scenic Vision concept car, all converging in a dynamic flow of clearly visible lines.

A slim dashboard houses a game controller-like steering wheel and 10 widget screens through which passengers will access the vehicle controls
The concept is said to offer spectacular welcome sequence during which the front bonnet gives way to a flash diamond-shape animation that comes alive on the grille before rising up around Renault's new 'Nouvel'R' logo.

To enter the Renault Scenic Vision concept, what you'll need to do is simply touch the Renault logo located on the replacement 'B-pillar'. Renault states that these have been removed, and suicide doors employed on the concept car instead, all to allow easy ingress and egress for passengers.

And to further aid proceedings there, the cockpit and seats move back when entering or exiting the vehicle, so as to give passengers and the driver maximum room to move around in. These will only move back once the car is ready to go, and even then, they will move into a suitable position adapted to the morphology of each user.

Renault states the exterior of the Scenic Vision Concept previews the exterior of an all-electric vehicle set to be revealed come 2024
Renault states that a redesign and relocation of the airbags within the concept car has allowed the dashboard to be thinner and sleeker than current production vehicles allow, giving the drivers the best possible view out the vehicle.

Up front, the steering wheel here takes the shape of a game controller, and there's also a large glass roof, all designed to give the cabin of the concept car a modern feel. A total of 10 widget screens here, all configurable will allow passengers to control functions from music to air-conditioning controls to interior lighting.

The cabin of the Renault Scenic Vision concept car also features different seats, designed in accordance to their various uses. The wrap-around driver's seat allows the driver to more easily stay focused on the road, whereas passengers benefit from seats designed to be more comfortable.

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