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The tailor made Roma gets a special exterior paint colour, alongside unique fabics and finishes in its cabin all inspired by Japanese carfts.

24 May 2022 | International News : Italy

Ferrari has unveiled a one-of-a-kind Roma that takes inspiration from the master craftsmen of Japan crafted by its bespoke Tailor Made department.

The one-off car is said to feature exquisite traditional Japanese-inspired detailing while retaining the clean, sophisticated elegance of the Roma.

The copper finish on the wheels are inspired by Japanese copper tea canisters
On the exterior, the special Roma sports an Indigo Metal finish, inspired by traditional Japanese indigo dyes - a colour said to feature prominently in Japanese design culture.

The same colour palette is used to tie together the vehicle's exterior and interior into one subtle, holistic statement, with the indigo shade also found in the sakiori fabric used for the seat trim inserts and the carpets of the car.

This sakiori fabric is produced by cutting up worn out kimonos into strands before being rewoven with new fibres, creating a material that was both warm, comfortable and durable. And those employed in this Ferrari Roma is said to comprise of the material from two vintage kimonos, woven with high-tensile nylon, for the durability required.

The headliner of the Roma was made by hand weaving two different hides into a intreccio pattern 
The special Roma also features an indigo headliner, comprised of two indigo-dyed hides made with a an traditional wax resist-dyeing method in Kyoto, one with a unique solid colour crafted to match the car's colour scheme, and another hand-painted via a method which can be traced back to the 8th century.

The Roma's interior door handles also take their inspiration from Japan - they are enclosed in tightly hand-woven strips of black leather in an homage to tsukami, the ancient art of wrapping the grips of Katana swords.

The car also takes inspiration for its interior from Japanese copper tea canisters, with copper plating found in details on the Roma's gear shift gate surround and levers, which were plated in Japan. The outline of the dual cockpits, the wheel rims and the unique crest of the car are also made in this colour.

Speaking of which, this Ferrari Roma also sports a unique crest as is the Japanese 'Kamon' tradition. Here, the one that graces the Roma is said to represent a wheel from an ox-drawn carriage, combined with the eight pistons of the Roma's V8 engine forming its spokes.

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