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The Ford Motor Company has announced a recall of 4.5 million cars in the US, after fears of the cars catching fire due to poor electrics

17 Oct 2009 | International News : U.S.A

The recall mainly affects the US-market-only Ford Windstar MPV, which was produced from 1995 to 2003 and makes up 1.1 million of the cars being recalled. The other 3.4 million are made up from other models, and the recall was issued after a lengthy investigation by the US Government.

The problem is linked to a switch made by Texas Instruments that allows drivers to disengage the cruise control by tapping on the brake pedal. The switches were used by Ford throughout the 1990s, up till 2003, and about 16 million vehicles have been fitted with it.

Several deaths, and at least 550 fires and 1,500 complaints have been linked to the switch. Ford has issued eight separate recalls related to the switch over the last ten years, which has affected a total of 14.1 million vehicles.

The Ford Motor Company has been accused of delaying the recalls due to the expensive repair cost involved, and have been the defendant in dozens of lawsuits related to faulty piece. Ford plans to notify customers officially beginning on October 26 and acknowledges in a statement released that the part "may, under certain conditions, leak internally and then overheat, smoke or burn."

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