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Hyundai is now putting its in-house developed autonomous driving technology to the test with a RoboRide car-hailing service in Seoul, Korea.

11 Jun 2022 | International News : South Korea

Yes, the Ioniq 5 is once again in the limelight. This time however, its much more than just entering the carsharing sector in Singapore.

The car is going autonomous, in fact. Hyundai Motor Group is now utilising the in-house level 4 autonomous technology to offer a RoboRide car-hailing service in Gangnam in Seoul, South Korea. The pilot marks the first car-hailing service with autonomous driving vehicles to operate in one of the most congested areas in metropolitan Seoul.

In order to secure to safety of the pilot's riders, in-house developed remote vehicle assist system will intervene if a situation develops where autonomous driving is no longer feasible. Furthermore, a safety driver will have to be in the vehicle to respond to any emergencies. The pilot will also roll out as an initial demonstration service for internally selected personnel, and then expand the pilot service targets to general customers in the future.

Through this pilot, the Group expects to collect valuable autonomous driving data and plans to further develop the level 4 autonomous driving technology to navigate safely and flexibly in complicated urban environments.


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