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Officially teased at an MoU signing between Borneo Motors SG and SP Group, Toyota's first bespoke BEV will join a sharing fleet for the Tengah estate by 2023.

30 Jun 2022 | Local News : Singapore

The changing face of mobility - in which sharing and leasing alternatives become more commonplace - is a phenomenon sweeping the entire globe. And as the latest Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signing between Borneo Motors Singapore (BMS) and SP Group shows, Singapore will not be left out.

Specifically, this partnership will see both companies coming together to pilot Singapore's first electric car-sharing and leasing programme in the upcoming estate of Tengah - demarcated as Singapore's first smart energy eco-town. A launch point of mid-2023 has already been targeted, meaning that this should materialise in merely a year's time. 

'Electric': The bZ4X is Toyota's first dedicated BEV
BMS and SP Group tell us that at least eight models have been outlined for the car-sharing and leasing fleet, including hybrid variants of the Harrier, Sienta, and the Alphard Welcab (for wheelchair-bound individuals). Among them, the all new, all-electric Toyota bZ4X will naturally be the main star. 

Revealed in the flesh to the media for the first time in Singapore since its global debut, the SUV marks a milestone for Toyota as its first dedicated battery-electric vehicle. Crucially, underpinning the bZ4X is Toyota's modular e-TNGA platform - configurable for various vehicle types and sizes, drive types (all-wheel drive, front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive), as well as either single or dual motors. 

Given its larger dimensions, the bZ4X is likely to be positioned as a mid-sized SUV
Technical details of the bZ4X were not officially addressed by BMS at the event, but we do know that the car will come in either FWD or AWD - getting 198bhp (201hp) and 211bhp (214hp) respectively.

Both variants will also get the same 71.4kWh battery pack, with the FWD variant boasting a WLTP rated range of up to 510km. In case the photos don't show it, the car isn't exactly what one might call a compact crossover; it has a 2,850mm wheelbase, and is longer than the RAV4

To properly oil (or electrify) the collaborative program, BMS and SP Group are taking multiple steps to ensure that their products and services will be integrated for intuitive access and use by Tengah's residents. 

SP Group already offers its own app that allows users to locate its charging stations and monitor the charging status of their vehicles, but this is set to become even more comprehensive when it houses the KINTO Share for Toyota's electrified vehicles. 

SP Group's app will be integrated with KINTO Share for a seamless electric car-sharing experience
With the integration, users will be able to locate, book and pay for their desired vehicles, while also finding charging stations should the need to plug in arise. The biggest carrot dangling before Tengah's residents, however, is the fact that they will get to enjoy preferential charging and rental rates. 

While this means that those curious about getting behind the wheel of the bZ4X won't actually have to buy the car, there appears to be a catch: The car is likely to debut exclusively as a vehicle for leasing and car-sharing come June 2023, when the collaborative pilot takes flight. It is still not clear when the bZ4X will be made available for private ownership. 

To consistently better the experience of electric car-sharing and leasing, BMS and SP Group will also engage in data collection and analysis of critical factors, such as the driving patterns, electrified vehicle consumption patterns and electrified vehicle preferences of users. 

The collaboration currently has a targeted launch point of mid-2023 - just one year from now 
Furthermore, the companies will jointly develop an Innovation and Experience Centre within Tengah, offering gamification and interactive activities. These will seek to spark interest in electric vehicles through the joint strategies of education and awareness-raising.

Speaking to the media at the event, Miss Jasmmine Wong, CEO of Inchcape Singapore and Greater China, reiterated Toyota's vision of 'mobility for all', saying, "We remain committed to ensuring that our consumers have many pathways to achieve carbon neutrality as they meet their individual lifestyles and needs."

As a final note, it appears that we'll mostly be seeing Toyotas roaming silently around Tengah, since Borneo Motors has been outlined as SP's "exclusive EV partner… for electrified car sharing and leasing" in the estate. Colour us intrigued.

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