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A curious page on Instagram has gotten the office excited over the imminent arrival of a new performance brand and a track-oriented car here in Singapore.

02 Jul 2022 | Local News : Singapore

The U.K.-based supercar manufacturer Briggs Automotive Company (BAC) looks set to arrive here in Singapore as well as in Malaysia imminently, and we are expecting the BAC Mono R to accompany this arrival, available for interested parties across the region to view.

The development comes following the establishment of a new BAC Singapore and Malaysia Instagram page, which you can look at here, although the page currently has but one post on its feed. This post simply states that the brand is coming soon to Singapore.

Each BAC Mono R is built to a unique specification agreed with the BAC team after hours of client consultation ensuring no two are exactly the same
That's not a lot to go on, but we happen to have run a story earlier this year from BAC itself following its ramp up of the production of the Mono R, wherein it also announced that it was planning to establish a number of what it termed as 'global dealer partners' in order to distribute and display the new Mono R supercar around the world.

And as luck would have it, one of the locations identified just happened to be our very own sunny Singapore.

If you've not heard of the BAC Mono R, don't fret. News about track-oriented specials rarely gain traction here in Singapore. But here's a little summary: The BAC Mono R is a lightened, high-performance generation of the BAC Mono - itself a single-seater trackcar that also happens to be road legal in the U.K.

The BAC Mono R however, comes with a suite of performance improvements, which includes the use of 44 graphene enhanced carbon composite body panels, all designed to further save weight. These work with a magnesium chassis and magnesium transmission components to further reduce mass and improve weight distribution still.

The BAC Mono R set the production car lap record at the Red Bull Ring in Austria in 2021
The BAC Mono R also comes powered by a 2.5-litre four-cylinder engine pushing out a total of 343bhp, which has also been upgraded over the 'regular' Mono with a new ram-air inlet system and an all new throttle body for quicker throttle response. Stopping power meanwhile, is provided for in the BAC Mono R by carbon ceramic brakes, said to save 2.55kg of unsprung mass per corner.

Total mass of the BAC Mono R is a claimed 555kg, while its power-to-weight ratio is said stand at 613bhp per tonne.

Interested but don't know who you ought to call to get one? We'll let you in on a little clue: The aforementioned Instagram page states its business address as 14 Benoi Crescent, which also happens to be the same address from which NB Auto, our local authorised dealer for Morgan, operates.

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