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The Bentley Airline Seat specification can apparently measure the seat contact surface temperature once every 25 milliseconds.

08 Jul 2022 | International News : U.K.

Bentley has revealed new information about its Airline Seat specification offered on the Bentley Bentayga EWB.

The system is claimed to sport the world's first seat surface sensing system for the highest levels of thermal comfort.

The Bentley Airline Seat Specification adds cushion and backrest bolster adjustment alongside a deployable footrest amongst other features
Here, a suite of sensors constantly measures both passenger contact temperature and humidity level, to an incredible accuracy of 0.1 degress Celsius every 25 milliseconds.

The passenger defines an optimal surface temperature target from seven settings, and sensors will in turn measure and produce live data to determine what seat heating, cooling and ventilation levels are required to achieve the best comfort temperature for the passenger.

After working to deliver the desired temperature, the seats will maintain the optimal and desired thermal comfort throughout the journey with micro adjustments to the seat thermal system to maintain the setpoint. Users will not only be able to choose between seven set thermal points, but will also be able to set to seats to focus on either just the back to cushion area.

Bentley additionally states that a new seat ventilation fan has been developed for the Airline Seat specification, which is able to move 80% more air than its previous system.

Passengers will get to define their optimal seat surface temperature target by choosing from seven settings
Supporting this careful thermal management in the Airline Seat specification is a Postural Adjustment system.

This system will subtlety adjust the contact pressure between body and seat through soft pneumatic activation zones, and goes beyond the 2D motions typical of adjustable seats, instead employing what is termed as a 'three-dimensional twist' to relieve pressure points.

These motions are controlled by complex algorithms that has been developed in collaboration with a Chiropractor who deals with clients who experience discomfort on long car journeys.

By creating subtle changes in the seat surface contact zones, body tissues that have been under pressure are relieved, and other areas, pressure is then applied. This allows the body a chance to locally recover naturally.

The postural motion creates small changes in back and limb angles and can increase blood flow. Particularly in the lower back and lower limbs reducing discomfort, therefore passengers remain more alert and focused for a much longer period.

The Bentley Airline Seat Specification also adds further cushion and backrest bolster adjustment, cushion extension, electric headrest height adjustment and a deployable footrest to the back of the front passenger seat.

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