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The Maserati MC20 supercar evolves into a track destroying 730bhp car with a bespoke carbon fibre body and weight of below 1,250 kg.

24 Jul 2022 | International News : Italy

Maserati has presented its newest track weapon, the Project24, to be a limited series of only 62 units. The Project24, as you may have been able to tell, is based on the road-going Maserati MC20.

However, the Project24 is an entirely different beast. For starters, it is track-use only, and uses a reworked version of the MC20's Nettuno V6 engine. The engine now has 730bhp with the aid of new turbochargers. It also has track ready suspension, a carbon ceramic braking system, tyres tuned up for racing and FIA approved safety features.

Being designed by Centrol Stile Maseraati, the Project24 alters completely from the look of the MC20. Maserati design has created a much more aggressive looking MC20 in the process, making the Project 24 potentially an instant classic collector's item.

As with most other super-exclusive cars, future customers of the Maserati Project 24 will get a unique range of services, including track-specific experiences and world class levels of support.

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