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Porsche and MYRNE have collaborated for Singapore's 57th National Day to reimagine the classic National Day song 'Home'.

06 Aug 2022 | Local News : Singapore

Porsche has recognised our nation's tradition of celebrating our National Day with the ever essential National Day songs, old and new. The German car maker has therefore collaborated with local DJ and producer, MYRNE to reimagine a National Day classic, Home by Kit Chan. The twist is that the song now includes sounds from a Porsche Taycan, of course.

Porsche and MYRNE have sampled the natural tones and sounds from the Taycan - from doors thudding shut to seatbelts winding and the soft hum of the electric motor which turns into an more aggressive one upon more spirited acceleration.

MYRNE remarked that National Day songs bring Singaporeans together with a synthesis of creativity and culture and that he wanted to take common and unnoticed sounds with Porsche to create something special. He believes that the song they have produced shows the beautiful musicality of a Porsche by creating an unexpected listening experience in celebration of Singapore.

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