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The Volkswagen Golf R '20 Years' equipped with the Performance package and 12bhp more than standard laps the Nurburgring four seconds faster.

28 Aug 2022 | International News : Germany

The new Golf R '20 Years' was a triumph on the Nurburgring for Volkswagen. The hot hatchback which boasts increased power has bettered the previous lap record of a Golf R by four seconds with an official lap time of 7:47:31 minutes.

The sporty edition delivers 12bhp more than the standard Golf R production mode and does the zero to 100km/h sprint in just 4.6 seconds with a top speed of 270km/h. Not only does it have extra power, the R-Performance Torque Vectoring also had a role to play in breaking the record.

Subtle changes to the performance of the Golf R has resulted in significant changes at the Ring
Shift characteristics of the seven-speed gearbox were also tweaked, with more intensive feedback being available. An optimised exhaust system also features in the car, underlining the increased dynamic performance.

The turbocharger used was also preloaded, thus being able to be kept at a constant speed in overrun mode so that the engine can develop its power more quickly with subsequent acceleration.

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